Manic Drayton Session Sets New RAF record

The Fox RAF Carp Team have had great success in their third qualifying event of the season. Their match took place at the prolific Drayton Reservoir in Northamptonshire. 

Run in the same format as the British Carp Angling Championship, the match was run over 48 hours from May 7th to 9th, with 19 anglers in total taking part.

The weather was fantastic on the Tuesday but turned wet and windy by the Wednesday morning making the conditions challenging to say the least. 

There was a constant flow of carp gracing the bank at an average of 12lb to 16lb in weight with the odd few passing 19lb.  A combination of the Fox Halo Zig System and the Fox line aligner with yellow foam was providing the downfall of many of the fish. There were four rare commons wetting anglers’ unhooking mats during the match from a mirror-dominated water and a fish of 22lb-plus took the largest fish crown for the event.

Come Wednesday lunchtime, there were 19 extremely exhausted carpers.  All the Fox and Mainline-backed anglers caught and between them they landed a colossal combined weight of over 5,496lb 8oz with three of the pairs banking in excess of 1,000lb.  The venue 48 hour Pairs Match record was only narrowly missed and a new RAF 48 hour Pairs Match record was set with the winning pair taking 1,423lb 2oz of carp. 

The final results were:
Pos    Name     Weight

1   Lee Sustins  1,423lb 2oz
     James Mitchell       
2   Mark Chappell 1,209lb 15oz
     David Davey Smith       
3   Dean Crook 1,058lb 11oz
     Ross Copner       
4   Alfie Waters 365lb 3oz
     Mike Matthias       
5   Lee Hasbry 308lb 15oz
    James Thompson       
6  Andy Wilson 301lb 5oz
    Paul Sampson       
7  Mike Davies  284lb 1oz
    Dean Caseberry       
8  Steve Packer  232lb 4oz
    John Seabourne       
9  Steve Cavannagh 179lb 14oz
    Graham Burford       
10 Jonny Price  133lb 2oz
Grand Total    5,496lb 8oz