Sharpen your game with an interesting new range of hooks from terminal-tackle maker ACE.

Ask any carp angler worth his salt what the most important item of terminal tackle is and most will say a sharp hook. Lots of anglers take this to the nth degree and sharpen theirs with specialist tools.

To be fair, for most anglers, good sharp hooks straight from the packet are, these days, usually good enough. There are lots of good examples of sharp, coated hooks on the market and ACE has added its own versions to this line-up, several of which have been designed by Terry Hearn. These are so new that they’re not even in the shops yet (expected June) and the price has not been confirmed (we expect it to be around £4.50 to £4.75)

As you’d expect, there are plenty of patterns in the range, including some of the most popular, such as a chod/stiff-rig pattern, the SRC, with its out-turned eye and straight point. This is the ultimate chod pattern in many people’s eyes and looks set to be a very popular choice.

There are two swept-shank patterns, namely the SCS (short-curve shank) and the MCS (medium-curve shank), which are extremely versatile and suited to pop-up and bottom-bait presentations. These boast straight points for optimum pricking of fish and a slightly varying inturn to the point.

Boilie anglers will like the BBP (boilie beaked point) – a pattern specifically designed for fishing with the carp angler’s favourite baits. Fans of beaked points, which are more robust over gravelly bottoms and offer a little more protection against fish losses, will love this pattern.

The two that really caught our eye in the new Razor Point range are the Zig – the first dedicated zig-rig hook that we’ve seen – and the CXS (Continental Xtra Strong). The latter boasts a straight point and straight eye and is ideal for fishing with the addition of a little shrink tubing and mono and fluorocarbon lines. It’s also, as the name would suggest, a little beefier in the gauge, so is suited to lots of situations where tough tackle is required.

Every one of the Razor Point hooks have ACE’s unique coating, which gives the hooks a dull, discreet finish as well as aiding penetration. They’re also extremely sharp. What more can you ask from a hook range?