“Lightweight, comfortable and very cheap.”

Max says: I am always interested in seeing what companies have to offer with regard to their more affordable products. For many anglers with families, the last thing that they want to be spending is loads of money to go fishing. For this reason I took a look at the CX Straight Six bedchair from Advanta. With six legs and a flat profile it weighs a modest 9kg.

Despite this, it’s super-comfortable to use. The straps ensure it remains folded during transit and the neat double hinge will help you accommodate even a five-season bag, like the one in the photograph. All the legs are adjustable in length to suit every terrain. However, what strikes you is the price. At £64.99 it represents absolutely fantastic value for money. I am yet to have a problem, despite fishing nights and sleeping on it since early January. If you are after a new bedchair, I implore you to check this one out.

Price: £64.99


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