In my test reviews I like to try varying products, from high-end tackle to the more affordable stuff.

My fishing gear contains a real mix of it all and I feel that you can really pick up some special bits of kit. The Low Rider shelter is one such item. Based on a two-rib pram hood design the shelter packs into a tiny bag that weighs next to nothing, saving me lots of weight on the barrow. Tension bars help maintain its shape while the carabiner clip allows the bivvy to maintain its shape.

Assembly is as simple as it comes. It literally goes up in seconds, offering you enough shelter to do an overnighter with a quick pack-down time. The side skirt provides additional coverage should you need it. The footprint is tiny too, allowing me to fit it in small swims without any problems, yet it easily accommodates all of my gear for an overnighter and makes a great short session bivvy.

Its only downfall would be if you experienced torrential rain, where I feel the small footprint wouldn’t offer the coverage you were after, but for these warm dry nights of summer it has performed impeccably, something you can’t grumble at considering the very affordable £74.99 price tag. The package comes in an oversized bag with pegs and a lightweight groundsheet, a total bargain.

Verdict:  Amazing value for money

Price: £74.99

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