As some are aware I run I’m a bait consultant and social media manager for two bait manufacturers but sometimes the ingredients from bait companies can be used to great advantage in other ways than creating boilies.

In winter months sweet corn is a fantastic bait and there are ways that you can use various ingredients to help you enhance and boost sweet corn.


As a hookbait I like to use artificial corn as not only does it stay on the hair easier but it also resists the attention of smaller species (I refuse to call them nuisance fish as I love to catch all species).  There are lots of different types you can use but I like to use the washed out effect ones that have been enhanced with various flavourings.

My favourite way to fish with these artificial sweet corn pieces is with a simple corn and crumb mix.

To create the mix take a tin of sweet corn, the size depends on how much you want to make drain the liquid off and place it into a blender.

Give the sweet corn a quick blitz to start breaking it down.


Pour an equal amount of corn syrup (an ingredient that Spotted Fin are testing out as a stand alone sellable ingredient at the moment) into the blender and liquidise until it is a nice pulp.

Pour the pulp into a suitable container and slowly add fine white breadcrumb until you have a consistency that just sticks together, you can put the mix through a riddle to make it smoother and less clumped to help give a more even breakdown or even leave it clumpy and give the fish something to munch on.

The corn syrup makes the mix PVA friendly so you can now make yourself some brilliant PVA sticks to go with your corn hookbait and have yourself some great winter fishing.


By Anthony Wood