Cheap yet packed with features, this carp-care range is affordable and fish friendly!

Bad carp care is inexcusable, especially considering how affordable it is nowadays. With padded walls and a cushioned base, even the largest of carp is safe in the Rehab cradle. With a Velcro fastening on the cover, this allows you to cover a lively fish and prevent it getting out. A mesh viewing hole in the middle allows you to pour water straight into the top of the mat to keep the fish adequately hydrated.

The padded base can be removed to reveal a mesh base that helps to drain excess water and ensures quick drying after you have returned your quarry. The Rehab cradle is available in three sizes from Lite to XL.

Many anglers use retainer slings to retain carp for a short time to get their photography kit ready and the Discovery flotation sling is ideal for this. It features large floats and a mesh base for excellent water flow, along with clever bars that ensure the sling keeps a cuboid shape to improve space for the fish. The carp couldn’t be more secure either, with a cord that is easily connected to the bankstick, along with full-length zips that are fixed to a neat clip in the middle. The fish is not escaping from this sling. The whole package comes in a full-length bag, much like a mini bivvy bag, which is better than the normal drawcord-style bags we are used to.

With easy water flow and full-length floats it makes the ideal temporary floating home for the carp.

The cradle fully encloses the fish in the mat. Water can be added without having to open up the mat.

THE VERDICT –  At this price there’s no excuse not to get a decent carp-care package.

Cradle from £29.99

Flotation sling £34.99

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