It’s been a while since you’ve seen a blog from me and I thought as the weather is starting to warm up, it was time for me to introduce you to more of my favourite tricks. Have you ever been to a fishery where artificial baits and bread are banned? My solution to this is pop ups made to look like bread flake!! The majority of places haven’t banned pop ups so this is the perfect compromise.

Something that I have noticed is that a lot of pop up recipes are very obscure with the measurements saying just keep adding your pop up mix until you get a nice dough to make the pop ups from. After a lot of experimenting I believe that I have found the perfect measurements for making pop ups so I thought I would share that with you before we go into turning the pop up mix into ‘fake bread’.

The pop up mix that I like to use is the plain pop up mix from it is based on milk proteins so has a good level of protein and attraction on its own and it creates a lovely smooth smooth finish to the pop ups especially when used as part of the following measurements (obviously it should work with whatever your favourite brand of pop up mix is too but I definitely recommend giving Feed Stimulants a try)…

80g Pop Up Mix
20g Base Mix (or in this case Fine Breadcrumb)
12g Whole Egg Powder
5g Egg Albumin
50ml Liquid Ingredients

The great thing about this combination of dry ingredients is that because it includes the egg powders you don’t need to worry about using any liquid egg so all of the liquid ingredients can be flavours, liquid foods, attractors and stimulants. In my fake bread I’ve used 30ml Mineral Water, 14.5ml Betaine Anhydrous, 5ml Bait Preservative, 0.5ml NHDC Sweetener and just to finish it off I used 6 drops of Jaffa Orange Essential Oil.

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You could at this stage do the normal put the mix into a sausage gun, squeeze out the sausages and roll them on a rolling table to create nice round pop ups BUT we don’t want to do that we want to create fake bread and it is really easy to do.

When you have a big round ball of dough

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use your thumb and the two fingers next to your thumb to very simply (but gently) pinch off pieces of the dough.


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As you do this you will notice that the pieces you are pinching off closely resemble pieces of bread flake. Once you have pinched all the pieces off that you can simply boil them as you would your normal pop ups which is for roughly 60-90 seconds.


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Allow to air dry for 7 days before putting in tubs.

The resulting fake bread is very firm and is perfect for surface fishing, zig rigs or popped up off the bottom. Well I hope you have enjoyed this blog and that it inspires you to have a go at making your own.