“you can tailor the cool bag perfectly to your needs.” A top end modular cool bag system for organising your food and bait.

The large-capacity Black Series Modular Cool Bag can either be used on its own or as the base to the modular system.

A range of internal cool bags are also available, each fitting perfectly within the main bag. They are also specially designed so that a range of configurations can be used, meaning you can tailor the cool bag perfectly to your needs. The range of internal cool bags include the Standard, which is perfect for taking bait or smaller amounts of frozen food that you wish to keep extra cold; the Session, which is twice the capacity of the Standard, and finally the brew kit bag, which has the same capacity as the Standard but with a flat orientation.

Using this modular system allows you to easily segregate different types of bait, or separate your frozen food or high-risk food products (raw meat and suchlike) from your ready-to-eat food.
The Verdict The perfect way to organise your food and bait.

The Numbers Modular Cool Bag £44.99 Internal cool bags from £19.99


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