Max says: “A durable bag built to last.”


I don’t carry a large tackle box in my fishing kit nowadays, preferring to carry just the essentials in a pouch.
It allows me to chuck this pouch into a bag and go off fishing safe in the knowledge that I have everything I need.
It means a day session stalking can be done at a moment’s notice.
I was given this bag by Aqua to give it a test.
It’s from the Black Series range that is adorned with black trim and discreet logos.
It’s primarily for storing long items like spods and marker floats but I have found it ideal for my terminal tackle.
My previous pouch was a little too short for my hook file and vice, but this one is perfect.
I can also fit enough hook-link material, bits pots and a couple of pairs of scissors in the main compartment.
The clear zip-fastening panel at the top is ideal for my hook packets or any items that I need to keep secure but still need to be visible so I don’t forget they’re there.
I tend not to worry about using the latest rig, so I only carry the bits required to create my three favourites, reducing weight and the need for a large tackle box.
Finally, it features a neat carry strap, so it is easy to grab out of your bag, and a heavy-duty zip that is reliable and will last for ages.
Aqua’s trademark Endura material is thick and keeps everything inside the pouch safe, preventing water ingress.
The bits bag also complements the whole Black Series range and will work as a full modular system when teamed with other bits of the range.
It’s ideal for my fishing and will be staying in my tackle bag for the forseeable future.
Price: £15.99