If we’re all brutally honest, sacrificing a bit of luxury to aid mobility will catch us more carp! Comfy swims and big, airy bivvies that you can fit all the home comforts into are brilliant but sometimes that just doesn’t cut the mustard!

That’s where the Aqua Fast And Light comes in; it’s a brolly with the X factor. Perhaps it’s the esteem in which experienced anglers hold Aqua’s original brollies that make this one appealing, but there’s also a host of technical qualities that make this a summer shelter of choice. The Fast And Light isn’t your average brolly and it seems that Aqua was mindful of the pressure that its heritage puts upon its newest shelters. It’s really torn down the traditional image of the brolly, refined its design and built it from the best-quality materials.

A couple of the features that are worth focusing on are the innovative ninth rib and the storm sides because they’re by no means standard.

The so-called ninth rib pushes the peak at the front out a few precious inches further, giving a little more coverage when we get that most common of English summer weather conditions – rain! The extended storm sides stretch round further than most, protecting anglers and their kit from wind and rain and providing a bit more storage than you’d expect. In fact, that’s one of the really pleasant surprises that you get when you first break out the Fast And Light; you really can get quite a lot under one, given its compact 55in frame. As long as you don’t expect to be able to fit the kitchen sink in as well, the Fast And Light will house enough kit to see you through a weekend session.

As you might expect, this brolly does not come with a groundsheet, because Aqua has really emphasised weight and compactness. Frankly, it’s not something that will be missed for most summer fishing, when either dropping onto the lake for a between-work quick overnighter, or moving a couple of times to stay one step ahead of the fish on a weekend session. Nevertheless, it does come with pegs and a lightweight storage sleeve.

The Aquatexx fabric is mega-tough and this is the quintessential summer shelter that will last until it’s a piece of old-school Aqua heritage too!

RRP: £229.99
Website: www.aquaproducts.co.uk