35lb 2oz fish for Splash Baits rod.

Splash Baits ace Luke Kneeshaw banked a massive fish from Emperor Pallatrax Lakes on a recent session. Luke had the giant on Assassin freezer baits, fished in the margins. He explained: “There was a lot of pressure on the lake, and I felt it was right to fish the margin on a single assassin hook bait over a big bed of bait.”

Luke put 2kg of mixed Assassin 18mm and 14mm freezer baits in the margins, before putting the rest off his rods out, and his brolly up for the 12 hr session.

The last rod that Luke put in was in his margin spot, baited up with an 18mm boilie straight out of the bag. It only took three hours before it ripped of with a lump on it. The giant weighed in at 35lb 2oz.