“BRILLIANT RELIABILITY AND YOU RARELY HEAR OF THEM LETTING AN ANGLER DOWN.” Behold… the extensive range of ATT alarms and receivers. With top-quality electrics and great designs, they are a firm favourite with anglers in the UK.

With their small size and legendary reliability, the ATT range has found favour with many anglers all over Europe for its alarm’s bulletproof nature and brilliant after care.

There are three alarms in the range. Firstly the standard ATTS that features an illuminating LED and finished in a stunning black aesthetic. This has been updated more recently by the illuminated wheel alarms that utilise a clear roller wheel through which an LED light source is shone to illuminate it. Both alarms have a rod-safe rubberised finish with the long ears to prevent the rod being pulled off the rest in the event of a violent take. The magnets come in different colour options too, allowing you to customise your alarms further. Sensitivity can be increased by simply upgrading the roller wheels to one with a higher number of magnets.

The latest addition to the range is the unique Crystal head. Made from translucent plastic, this alarm fully illuminates when it sounds, notifying you of a bite. All three alarms are silent and feature a built-in transmitter that links up directly to a receiver that provides the sound. This makes the alarms smaller but also means that there is no noise coming out of the head. They come fitted with a specially designed case that switches the alarms off the instant they are slid into it thanks to the built-in magnet.

There are also three receivers to go with corresponding alarms. The V2 works with all the alarms in the ATT range too. It offers volume control along with tone and vibrate, with you able to tune alarms to five optional channels. The deluxe receiver is another particularly impressive product. With interchangeable LED options and 10 channels, double that of the standard V2 receiver, it allows you to choose from 21 tone options. The newest receiver complements the Crystal alarms.

As is to be expected, there are brilliant accessories too, like lanyards and optional hard cases.

The ATT range has been built on brilliant reliability and you rarely hear of them letting an angler down.

The original Att began with a simple LED  it has now evolved into the ATTS with illuminated wheel.

The latest in the range is the ground-breaking Crystal that completely illuminates in the event of a bite.

THE VERDICT  – Reliable alarm range that features brilliant after-care service.


ATT alarms £ 74.99

ATT illuminated wheel £79.99

ATT Crystal £89.99

V2 Receiver £74.99

Deluxe receiver £129.99

Crystal receiver £139.99


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