Solar Tackle staff member Barry Minns enjoyed a productive 48-hour session on a Kent club water, landing 3 commons to 33lb 3oz.

Fishing over a bed of particles and Solar’s new, TunaMino test boilies with a 14mm TunaMino bottom bait fished on a multi-rig with a size 6 Stronghold 101 hook, the first take came on Saturday morning, having got to the lake after work on Friday evening.

Following a weak fight and landing the first fish along with a huge ball of weed Barry thought a small common was the culprit. On stripping back the weed though, he was greeted with a 33lb 3oz common.23lb_12oz.JPG
23lb 12oz

Two more commons followed on Sunday morning, with a dark, 16lb 6oz common coming at 6:30am followed by another of 23lb 12oz at 10am.

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