Bag bait accounts for Norfolk giant.

Korda ace Pete Castle has banked a 39lb 2oz scaly mirror from his Norfolk Syndicate Lake.

Having not wet a line since Christmas, Pete was itching to get amongst some carp, and managed to sneak a day session that yielded the giant.

He explained: “I’m a huge fan of fluorocarbon, especially on clear waters such as this. As a result, I literally use it from the main line straight through to the hook, well almost.

“My main line is trusty Kontour which I’ve found to be very heavy, and lay flush over the lake bed contours, excuse the pun, when fished with a slack line. By fishing slack, it gives the line time to sink and keep out of the carp’s way – something that can be crucial in getting a bite or not!

“I fished a simple lead system and 2.5oz pear lead, along with a clear, Safezone leader. My hook link itself is then tied from soft IQ2 fluorocarbon in 15lb breaking strain. The key with this stuff is that it’s just stiff enough to kick my link away from the lead, yet supple enough to lay over any bottom debris. Not only that, you can barely see it in water!

“I whip a size six Kurv Shank to the IQ2, using a knotless knot, which looks particularly aggressive when tied, so no need for tubing or anything to flip the hook. It’s very simple, but mega effective.”

Pete’s fish weighed 39lb 2oz, and fell for a Mainline New Grange boilie. Interestingly, the fish fell for a standard, 15mm bottom bait, straight out of the bag; not a tactic that many anglers employ when targetting such fish. A PVA Funnelweb mesh bag of boilies was nicked onto the hook point before casting and finished the setup off nicely.