“These baits have already caught a rake of big fish. ”A high-end bait range that will work to help you put more fish on the bank – welcome to the LIVE SYSTEM.

With a catch repertoire that spans thousands of fish and some of the biggest carp in the country, Live System is packed with a blend of nutritional milk proteins, bird food and active ingredients like yeast. High-leakage soluble cream attractors help to improve attraction around the spot. As you would expect from a low-oil base mix, the digestibility of Live System is impressive, even in the coldest of conditions. There are shelf-life and freezer baits available in the range, with bait sizes from 10mm to 24mm. The boilies themselves are backed up by a huge range of complementary products. From pop-ups and wafters to dips and even stick mixes, there is a full roster of great additives to change your baiting approach yet still keep a main theme with flavourings.

THE VERDICT: A full bait range with a phenomenal track record.

THE NUMBERS Boilies from £9.99 

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