French rod battles storms to net carp to 50lb!

French angler Cedric Mesmain enjoyed a session to remember last week, for more reasons than one. Not only did he bank some monstrous carp up to 50lb, but also endured some pretty extreme weather conditions!

He explained:  “Fishing conditions were extremely hard, due to a wind storm that swept Central France for four days. Just to give an idea of the power of the wind, my boat, which is three metres long and weighs over 50 kilos, was blown fifty meters in the air, landing on my friends car, and then blew off again, ending up on the side of a hill!

I was fishing on a hydroelectric dam, the water level was extremely low and all the fish were caught on spots between 10 and 14 metres deep. The crayfish were too aggressive for fishing all night long, so we had to bring our rods in at night, and just fish through the day. All my rigs were placed via boat next to ruins of a submerged wall on a very abrupt slope.

Despite these unusual conditions, I managed to catch some fish up to 40 lb. All of them fell to Nutrabaits Trigga feed, with pineapple & butyric acid pop up boilies fished over the top.

After a few days fishing, the weather got so severe that I decided that a move was in order, so I moved to a gravel pit a little closer to home. I rewarded with a beautiful 50lb mirror on the last night of the trip, a brilliant end to an unusual, eventful, and really exciting trip. Who said that fishing is not an extreme sport !”