There are a lot of unhooking mats on the market for all situations, offering different attributes, with some you may not have thought of.

The Chub Xtra Protection mat’s raised and cushioned sides are still as sturdy as the day I bought it and are brilliant for holding carp safely. It houses a Velcro-fastened flap that is perfect for calming your catch and the pegging points will hold it still in the windiest of conditions. It’s not the most cushioned mat on the market but measuring 72 by 110 centimetres, it is more than adequate in size; although a larger option is available.

Using a shoulder strap, my unhooking mat has been used as my rod holdall for some time. When it is turned inside out you can simply lay your rods, net and even an overnight brolly or shelter inside, all held together with your strap. Combined they do weigh a substantial amount but I’m yet to encounter any problems. Making this simple adjustment has enabled me to take less kit and makes me more mobile on the bank, something that is very important to me.