“An efficient and safe way to retain your capture.”


Karl says: Carp sacks have many advantages over retainer slings; none more so than allowing the carp as much freedom as possible, while still being retained. Retaining a carp in a sack allows the fish to find its own level within the water column, meaning it will cause as little distress as possible.
Although carp sacks can be looked on as dangerous, they are only as dangerous as the person using them. The Chub Eazi Flow Zip Sacks are supplied with a 5m extension cord that can be screwed into a bankstick as well as an H-block marker float for a visual sight. If both of these elements are used, then there is no cause for concern.
The sack is made from a strong, lightweight mesh that allows the fast passage of water and oxygen. The zip securing the sack closed has a clip to prevent any escape and two strong handles on the top make transporting the fish easy. It comes in a handy drawcord bag and carrying two of these with me takes up far less room than two retainer slings.
Price: Standard £16.99; large £18.99
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