“A comfortable night’s sleep and the bedchair folds away quickly.”

We peruse the bedchair that takes your night’s sleep to the next level.

The sleeping position on a flat bedchair is unrivalled compared with those of old and a good night on the bank makes you refreshed for your day chasing fish and staying alert. A mix of comfort and lightness is the key to the perfect bedchair and the new Chub Outkast Flatbeds have found that harmonious hybrid. Featuring a double-hinged bracket to ensure easy pack down, even with a sleeping bag, the lightweight padding makes for a great night’s sleep.

Small Chub logos and a neat orange fleck of colour on the seams give it a unique look. The three-leg design offers brilliant stability along with the adjustable mudfeet that will allow you to get the bedchair perfectly flat, even on a steep bank. The centre panel features a reinforced area to prevent sagging when you are sat on it during the day, reducing the likelihood of a bad back.

Finally, a simple buckle keeps the whole package tight together during transit. By tightening the buckle you are also able to get it as flat as possible, which makes it easier to load on the barrow. Overall you are getting a comfortable night’s sleep and the bedchair folds away quickly, allowing you to stay mobile and get on with your fishing.

The small locking nut on the legs clips into place.This ensures that the bedchair stays folded out once set up.

The quick-release mudfeet allow you to adjust the height with one hand – no more struggling to get it flat.

THE VERDICT:  Padded and lightweight, a great night’s sleep on the bank.

Price: £159.99


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