Tim says: “Keeping warm and dry is one of the most important factors for the serious carp angler. There is nothing more certain to end a fishing trip prematurely than if you start to get cold and wet.

“I want to be able to erect a bivvy as quickly as possible, because there is nothing worse than struggling to put one up in the pouring rain, knowing that the longer it takes you, the wetter the rest of your equipment is getting.

“Then comes size. I like a bit of room inside for all my kit without feeling cramped up and claustrophobic. I particularly don’t like my bedchair touching the bivvy material at either end.

“The RS-Plus Max bivvy is an all-new, three-pole, three-section frame, which makes it quicker and simpler to set up and very easy to transport because when it is packed away it will fit into a quiver or sleeve system. I can confirm that it is very easy to erect and dismantle and it does fit in a standard five-rod quiver.

“With regard to features, it has an extended hood and side panels, which give you great protection from the elements – especially in summer when you may want to remove the front panel completely.

“It comes with three inline tension bars that keep the bivvy very rigid even in very strong winds. All the pegging points are shock-corded, which helps tension the cover and stops it from flapping noisily in the wind.

“The two-way front-door system is completely removable and there are mozzie and clear-door options. It also comes with a detachable, lightweight groundsheet, heavy-duty T pegs and carry bag.

“Due to its shape you can get your bedchair quite far back inside, which definitely helps to stop the elements getting at you. If you leave the front 
of the bivvy on, the extended wings offer you an enormous amount of storage space for those longer sessions, and even with the front off there is more than enough protection to keep your gear safe and dry during shorter sessions.

“Overall, the RS-Plus Max is a very functional, well-thought-out bivvy, but the biggest surprise of all is the price – only £159.99. What a bargain!

Price: £159.99

Website: www.chubfishing.com