Design Thoughts

The Chub Vantage Base Layers are at the thicker end of the spectrum, constructed from chunky brushed polyester. This is really soft and immediately feels warm on the skin. The top is comfortable, with decent length in the body and arms. It also has a raised collar with Velcro opening, designed to keep your neck warm. However, we’re not overly keen on the collar design. It has a woven nylon outer and chin guard which doesn’t have the same stretch and flexibility as the rest of the fabric, so we found it a little awkward when fully done up. The bottoms also have a nice length, and feature a zipped fly and ankle zips.
Test Results These base layers had great thermal insulation performance, being the second warmest on test and retaining 46 per cent of their heat over the two-hour period. Not only that, but they also had great wicking properties, rapidly absorbing and wicking away the bead of water in just three seconds. This was spread through the material, helping it dry much more quickly. In all these performed fantastically as a warmer set of base layers. If you feel the cold but also like to keep active, these are a great product.

To test the insulative properties of each garment, we measured the cooling rate of a bladder of warm water placed inside the base layer’s top. We filled plastic bags with 500 millimetres of water at 50ºC and used aquarium thermometers to take in-situ temperature measurements of the water in 15-minute intervals, over a two-hour period. The wicking test was performed by dripping a 0.5ml bubble of water onto the material’s surface. We then measured the time taken for the water bubble to be absorbed, become damp and then completely dry.

PROS Super-warm, soft touch and good wicking performance (drying?).

CONS Strange collar design and relatively bulky.

Price: £34.99

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