Having used a brolly-type shelter for a lot of my fishing this year, I was interested to see what the full pram-hood bivvies have to offer.

I was sent a Vantage one-man to put through its paces for a few nights to see what I thought. Firstly, the material is nothing short of brilliant. The water simply beads off it and it goes up in seconds, like all pram hoods. I like the fact that you can customise the door options in any way that you like too, which allows me to get full coverage on a rainy day to the front being completely removed. Another handy part is the vent at the rear, which, unlike a lot of the bivvies with this feature, can be unzipped from inside, allowing you to alter the ventilation based on weather conditions from the shelter of the bivvy.

Verdict:  All in all, it’s a great offering for anglers after a reliable pram-hood bivvy with all the features you need.

Price: £399.99


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