Italian rod Matteo Tecchi makes his patience pay!

Taska consultant, Matteo Tecchi saw a patient approach rewarded last week, as a fruitless session was transformed to a successful one, thanks to an immaculate 33lb common carp.

Targetting a large stillwater, Matteo explained: “With a lot of water to draw fish from, I undertook an extensive prebaiting campaign, starting around a month before the session. Unfortunately for me, I only had one night available to me, so I had to make the absolute most of it. 

“I found three small spots where the carp had cleaned the bottom when they had taken all my bait, this provided me with perfect spots for me to present my rig, therefore, I lowered them into position very carefully and finally – I was fishing!

“The night passed very slowly without any activity, but I had great confidence in my baiting and also in my choice of spots. Just as dawn broke I had a very nice visitor on the bank in the shape of a beautiful and immaculate 33lb common.

“It is a great feeling when a plan comes together!”