We present the Daiwa Tournament QDA – a workhorse reborn.


The original Tournament 5000 was released in 1995, and has a well-deserved reputation as being an incredibly hardy and ‘bulletproof’ reel.
Fast-forward 20 years and the release of an all-black model was shrouded with rumours of a different engine under the hood last year, when in fact it was just a black version of the original, which has been a best-selling reel for Daiwa for a very long time.
After a visit to the annual Daiwa trade show recently we may have found the culprit of the rumours surrounding the Daiwa Tournament S (Series Black), that being the brand-new Daiwa Tournament QDA, set for release in 2016.
Falling in line with the modern design and shape of Daiwa’s other new releases, the old Tournament, while still on sale, has been redesigned from the ground up.
The Tournament QDA now encompasses Mag Sealed technology to ensure the reel stands the test of time and the air rotor bail arm helps to lighten the reel and make it more responsive in the process.
Add in the quick drag system that features on the very top end Daiwa big pits and the high-impact line clip and you begin to build a picture of a vastly improved reel.
Not only that, but the overall finish is that of a stealthy, understated thing of beauty – a modern classic, if you will, with the Tournament’s heritage.
The reel feels tight and of the highest quality, looks great in the flesh, and will certainly turn heads on the bank.
THE VERDICT – A modern design with a nostalgic heart.
Price: £350