Deadly winter carp tactics uncovered on film!

England Carp Team member, Dan Wildbore has built an enviable record for catching carp in conditions when others fail to get so much as an indication – but not even he could believe just how well his latest feature for Total Carp magazine went!

His brief was to catch a carp in daylight hours from a fishery of his choice – and he more than rose to the challenge, catching almost 20 fish on a range of interesting tactics.

In the same feature packed February issue, Tom Maker enjoys a hectic session on Brasenose one at the popular Richworth Linear Lakes complex in Oxfordshire. He banks 22 fish up to an impressive 30lb 10oz  – which is even more remarkable when you consider that no one else had managed to catch a single carp from the lake in the three weeks leading up to the feature!

Again, you can read all about how he did it in the February issue of Total Carp! In addition to this, we have some great footage of the pair in action! Click here to see!