Karl says: “When I looked back at the substantial test period that I have used the Delkim EV Plus bite alarm for, and combined it with the low retail price of just short of £60, I was amazed.

These ‘budget’ alarms are very similar to Delkim’s flagship TXi alarms, with slightly less frills. They are certainly not a budget performer, as the price and positioning in Delkim’s range would suggest. With three large dial controls to alter the sensitivity, volume and tone, and a button to turn them on, they are very simple to use. The build quality is fantastic, as you’d expect from Delkim, and they are the same shape as its other models. Unless you need a remote receiver, bearing in mind that no-one should be more than a handful of metres from their rods anyway, I cannot see the need for the upgraded, pricier offering.

As with all Delkim alarms, they operate using vibration-sensing technology and the patented design has no moving parts. I have used these in heavy snow and, despite several inches falling during the night, they have continued to work in their entirety. This cannot always be said for the roller-wheel system that alternative alarms operate with.

These take a standard 9V battery, which, providing you buy a good-quality one, is said to last a year. I’ve certainly found that they last a lot longer, even though the alarms have a night-light function that allows you to locate them in the dark. They even come with a one-year guarantee!

Price: £59.50

Website: www.delkim.co.uk