I have tried numerous alarms over the years and the things that have let me down and cost me fish are insensitivity and unreliability.

The Delkim’s sensitivity range is second to none. If I am fishing locked up to snags then I can wind it up to plus six. However, if the wind is bad and the bobbins are constantly �?dancing’, a switch to the minus setting with the dial wound down and false bleeps are eradicated.

I don’t use the receiver all the time but on noisier venues and when it’s pouring with rain it goes on for peace of mind. The problem of tackle theft is all too common these days, so the receiver has an anti-theft alarm that is activated if the heads are switched off, but hopefully this feature won’t be called into action!

I’ve been using them for many months and after the excessive rain we endured this year, they have stood up to the elements. My only complaint is that they have failed to go off enough!

John Claridge

Delkim TXi Alarms And Rx Pro Receiver
RRP: ALARMS £122.50; RECEIVER £139.50