Kevin Nash book wows the critics.

The long awaited memoirs of carp fishing legend Kevin Nash have recently hit the shelves –and are already proving popular among punters up and down the country.

Total Carp magazine Editor, Marc Coulson was one of the first people to get his hands on it, and explained: “I’m not a big one for reading carp fishing books, I have to admit, largely because I am surrounded by carp fishing every day and I know many of the authors personally. I also know most of their histories and their tales of carp fishing adventures; indeed, I have even featured in one or two books written by some of the big names. So, no, I normally leave the book reading to the rest of the team.

However, when I was asked by Kevin Nash to read a first draft of his new book Memoirs Of A Carp Fisher – The Demon Eye, I couldn’t refuse. Kevin is quite simply a living legend within carp fishing. He won’t mind me telling you that not everybody in these circles are his friend, but that can very often (not always) be simply down to the fact that he says it how he sees it. There are no grey areas with Kevin, only black and white, and a lot of people are not comfortable with that.

In fact, I have had more than my fair share of altercations with the man, but they’ve always been dealt with and then put behind us. You know, like men do.

So, what about the book? Well, having had it for just a few busy few days I have only managed to skim read it, and even then only an electronic version, not the final printed edition. However, it has made an immediate impact. To say it is fascinating would barely begin to do it justice. In fact, I could list superlative after superlative, but they could never paint the picture sufficiently enough.

Written in Kevin’s own wonderful style (I would argue that he is technically the best writer I have ever worked with), The Demon Eye will definitely be on my Christmas wish list. Because I do not read many books, I don’t have a huge collection. However, I genuinely look forward to adding this to my bookshelf alongside my carefully chosen previous offerings from Messrs Lane, Hearn, Maylin and Mcdonald.�?

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