Karl says: “An incredibly strong hook that I have the utmost confidence in.” Hooks are a very personal choice and I would never urge anyone to change the pattern they use unless there is cause to do so.


They can be the difference between landing a fish and days of frustration that follow losing one, and sometimes even the difference between getting a bite in the first place or simply getting done by the fish altogether.
I have been using these for the last couple of years and more recently find myself using them more than ever.
The Continental Boilie hook is renowned for being one of the strongest on the market and is used by countless anglers for that reason alone.
For me, not only is the hook pattern incredibly strong due to the heavy-gauge, super-high-carbon wire, but the slight angle of the out-turned eye, coupled with the medium shank and beaked point, have made them my go-to choice for pop-up rigs.
The angle created from a stiff filament to create the hook section of a hinged stiff rig is perfect, and the beaked point gives me added confidence when playing fish.
I’ve recently pulled a sizeable common through what can only be described as a football field of weed.
After I’d spent hours pushing the weed to the side of the swim it drifted back out and over the lines throughout the day, but not once was the hook-hold a concern.
They are not the sharpest hooks from the packet but with a little touching with a hook file I can get great results with very little effort.
The key feature for me is the offset point.
This causes the hook to turn slightly as it takes hold in the mouth and becomes incredibly difficult for the carp to eject because the entry is not straight.
Price: £3.95