If you thought fake baits were becoming a bit old hat, then check these out…

When we visited The Big One show earlier in the year, there was the usual hype all over the place with enthusiastic anglers dribbling over all manner of the latest products, from new shelters, to the latest boilie recipes soon to be released.

Every year there are a host of hook-bait developments all trying to break the mould, too, with particular emphasis on them being new and therefore more capable of catching the punters plenty of fish. To be honest, though, as good and worthwhile as it is using many of these new baits, there are few that offer something actually different, or are genuinely based on an entirely new concept.

Enterprise Tackle specialises in artificial hook baits and has led the pack for as many years as we care to remember. Its already impressive range is expanding into probably the most comprehensive, and just plain innovative, available, with some of its latest developments very intriguing indeed.

The first thing that caught our eye were the Pellet Skins. It’s well known that effectively replicating a feed pellet as a hook bait has its bugbears, namely accurately mimicking the pellets being fed while still ensuring that it is robust enough to have sufficient longevity when out in the lake. These bored-out rubber shells are designed to snugly house an out-of-the-bag pellet and then be hair rigged, with various sizes included in each pack to increase their versatility. The colours are perfectly matched to traditional, low-oil carp pellets and halibut pellets, crucially the same colour as those that have been in the water for a while. As a result, as well as the food signals being matched perfectly, they are also hard to distinguish visually among the free offerings. A neat little touch is that the skins are ever so slightly buoyant, negating the weight of the hook so that the hook bait also behaves very similarly to the other pellets.

Another brilliantly simple but wholly useful new product are the Half Boilies. Essentially they are half a rubber boilie, again buoyant to offer more options for presentation. One of these alone is a great alternative bait, but they also lend themselves perfectly to a balanced, 50/50 setup with half a real boilie. These are available in several bright colours, as well as four shades of dull brown to offer a more discreet look, like a washed-out boilie.

Enterprise has produced flavour-soaked fake corn for years, but the new additions to the classic flavour range are right up there with the best we’ve seen. Nouvelle Fizz is a brilliantly old-school flavour that’s seemingly become quite difficult to get hold of nowadays. Fair play to Enterprise for offering such a nostalgic and ultimately very effective flavour to its baits. The same can be said about the Mulberry Florentine, another classic flavour that’s sure to catch as many carp now as it did years ago.

As well as all these proven, classic flavours, Hinders Betalin is also another permanent fixture in the range. This super-sweet additive, known affectionately as ‘Pure Liquid Gold’, is a massively effective carp catcher that is perfect for soaking fake baits in. The fact that all these flavours are available in small bottles means that you can have a wealth of hook bait colour and flavour options while keeping the space needed to store them at an absolute minimum.

All in all, Enterprise continues to impress with its development of these hugely effective hook baits. If you think good old plain plastic corn has had its day, check out one or two things that it has to offer; we’re sure there’s a place in everyone’s tackle box for these next-generation, artificial baits.

What’s the cost?
Pellet Skins: £2.60
Half Boilies: £2.85
Classic Flavour Fake Corn: £3.10

Website: www.enterprisetackle.co.uk