I’ve always liked using white bobbins with a long chain. The first set I bought were just that and I’ve always had a liking for the simplicity of a white PTFE bobbin.

When I saw ESP’s new range of Barrel Bobbins I was keen to get hold of a set. In the pack you get two chains, measuring seven and three inches, so you have a choice. There are also two grip options, with the ball grip that is like a conventional line clip on a bobbin and a grip clip. This grips the line in a fixed position, making it great if you want the best in bite indication. They simply screw into the bobbin head.

The additional drag weights are situated in the hockey stick so you can easily add them to the bobbin head when required. It’s much easier than trying to store your drag weight elsewhere. They are really simple, functional and due to their interchangeable nature adaptable to any situation you throw at them. The bobbin head features a discreet ESP logo and a neat isotope slot into which the unique ESP isotopes simply slot without the need for them to be superglued into the recess.

I have enjoyed using these bobbins for all of my fishing over the last few months and they are faultless. What’s more, they are really affordable and well worth a look if you want a set of cheap bobbins that do everything you need from a bobbin.

Price: £10.95


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