With three years of development having gone into these hooks, the Cryogen range utilises a unique cryogenic tempering process that drastically improves the strength of the steel and makes them more resistant to wear.

In carp angler terms, the hook is sharp and stays that way and is super-strong, making it more reliable. There are three patterns in the range in sizes 4 to 10 to cover every angling requirement.

Firstly there is the classic pattern that adopts the great attributes of the famous Big T hook. A long, fine, straight point and 13º inturned eye provide excellent anti-eject properties.

The Gripper is the ultimate in beaked-point hooks with a 10º inturned eye and a long, curved point that makes for a sharp hook that stays firmly bedded in. Like all the hooks in the range the Gripper is PTFE coated to improve the durability of the rig.

Finally, the legendary Stiff Rigger has had the Cryogen treatment. With a longer point and a change in the out-turned eye to load the hook in its strongest area, this new improved pattern has been made drastically stronger, helping you land fish in even the most demanding of situations.

Price: £3.95




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