Fully Loaded…. Are you after a super-tough monofilament that sinks like fluorocarbon? Then ESP has it covered with its new Syncro XT Fully Loaded.

The original Syncro XT monofilament is a firm favourite with some of the nation’s best anglers, and who are we to argue? The fantastic extra tough qualities gave it fantastic abrasion resistance and the smoke-green coloration suited many water clarities, reducing its visibility, thereby making it a great line for fishing for wary carp.

Having gone back to the drawing board for 2015, the ESP team looked to further improve the Syncro XT, this time concentrating on the qualities that monofilament lines generally lack. On first inspection, the dark-olive pigment blends fantastically with the ambient water colour, making it ideal when you want lo-viz a line.

On casting out, it is clear to see its key USP; you can watch as the line breaks the surface film and sinks of its own accord. This is great for slack-line angling and would lend itself perfectly to anglers who use the naked chod rig, when a fast-sinking, durable line is key. Having only had a couple of casts with the Syncro, it’s clear to see its advantages over many monofilaments. I look forward to giving this a longer-term test to see how it fares with extensive use.

Sinks like a brick, great for the slack-line angler.

Price: £19.95

Web: www.esp-carpgear.com