When Terry Hearn dubs a hook link the best he has ever used you should take notice. Enter the TUNGSTEN LOADED from ESP.


Over a year in development, the Loaded comprises a 20lb Dyneema core, to which the coating is bonded.
There are two versions that perform different tasks. The semi stiff is ideal for large hooks and boilies, where it is ideal for kicking the hook bait away from the lead.
The stiffer nature ensures tangles are reduced as well, giving you confidence that your rig is presented well. It also makes a great boom section for hinged stiff rigs.
The soft version utilises the same core but the coating is softer.
It makes it ideal for subtle presentations with smaller hooks and baits. A slow-sinking bait will also ensure that the rig will settle over bottom debris.
The little stiffness that the coating has will then straighten the hook link away from the lead. Both coatings are easy to strip, with no fracturing when the knot is tightened down.
All colours of lake bed are accounted for too, with standard camou brown complemented by weedy green and choddy silt.
Price: £8.95 per 10m spool