Loads of quality bait still to shift in clearance sale.

One of Europe’s best selling bait manufacturers, DD Baits, have teamed up with Scunthorpe based tackle giant Chapmans to offer clearance bait at vastly reduced prices. The move comes following DD Baits announcement that it is planning to launch a new bait range for 2013, and as a consequence have cleared out its old stock.

Chapmans boss, Mark Wilkinson explained: “We have been selling this clearence bait for a couple of months now – but due to the cold weather we still have loads left for anglers to stock up on! One of the advantages of being one of the bigger retailers in the business is that we have considerable buying power – and when DD baits announced that they were wanting to clear all its stock we jumped at the chance of taking it off there hands.

“As a consequence, we have acquired a huge amount of bait – well over £100,000 in terms of retail value, and through Advanced Carp Fishing, we are able to offer some massive discounts to its readers.

Anglers can pick up some great quality bait at fantastic prices. The DD range includes groundbaits, pellets, boilies additives and boilie mix, so there is plenty of variation in terms of products.

“The great thing about our website is that it automatically updates itself in relation to the products that we have in stock, so as products sell out they will disappear off the website. I would advise anybody interested to place an order quickly though – as we have already had considerable interest,” added Mark.

For more information on the reader offer, or to place an order, call Chapmans on: 08717 161678 or click here to go to their online store.