Top carp complex Bought by Farnham Angling Society!

Farnham Angling Society have bought eight of the famous Yateley Complex lakes, from cement giant CEMEX.

Richard Cane, Chairman of the Society said, “Farnham Angling Society intend to develop the fisheries over time, to improve accessibility whilst maintaining the natural feel of the waters and to bring them to a standard that will provide first class fishing for all.

Although unsuccessful in the initial round of bidding for the other CEMEX Angling venues, FAS remained diligent in ensuring it retained the financial ability to secure the future of this famous complex for angling.
With this purchase Farnham Angling Society has increased its portfolio venues members can fish from 21 to 29, including historic waters such as Tarn Pond, Frensham Great Pond & Frensham Little Pond. The club provides a fantastic array of angling opportunities at a fraction over £100 for a new Senior Permit in the 2013/14 season, which starts on 1st April 2013.

The acquisition includes eight lakes and a stretch of the River Blackwater. These will be split into: the Yateley South Complex: Comprising of Yateley South Lake, Pumphouse Lake, Horseshoe Lake & Tree Lake and the Yateley East Complex, containing the Summer Pit, Match Lake, Copse Lake, Nursery Lake and the River Blackwater.

The two Yateley complexes encompass a broad range of angling opportunities for members of Farnham Angling Society and fishing opens for members on the 1st February 2013 for Yateley South Lake and from 1st April 2013 for all other stillwaters.”

Ian Gray, Honorary Secretary of the Society said “These famous lakes will provide a wide range of fishing opportunities for all our members. The larger Match, South, Nursery & Copse lakes offer varied carp fishing, with catfish also present in the largest lake. In addition, the four smaller Summer Pit, Pumphouse, Horseshoe & Tree lakes give plenty of opportunities for tench, crucian carp and other pleasure fishing. In addition, we have secured over 1,000m of the River Blackwater that runs through the complex, which has loads of roach, dace and chub, as well as a few Barbel. There is truly something for everyone here.

The Yateley lakes have provided anglers from all over the country with the stuff of dreams. Farnham Angling Society is confident that we will continue to do so into the future for all our members, no matter which species they seek to catch.”

The Society will be introducing a cap on their Senior Membership in 2013 and a waiting list will be started once this is reached, so if you are interested in joining Farnham Angling Society, call 01252 320871 or find them at