“The Go-to sunglasses for quality and style.”

We take a look at yet another awesome addition to the Fortis Eyewear range. Behold… the Vistas!

Fortis has taken over the angling sunglasses market in the last few years with its affordable yet high-performance eyewear. With on-trend designs yet superb reliability and performance it has become the go-to angling eyewear company.

The Vistas are the new addition to the range. Designed and developed in-house by the Fortis team, they take their name from the superb field of vision they deliver. Utilising Triple X lenses, they offer improved clarity, definition and protection. Clarity comes from the lens formulation, which is surprisingly thin; the definition comes from the refined lens colours and protection from UV A, B and C light is also key to maintaining the health of your eyes, and the Vistas deliver this – guaranteed. There are three lens colour options for varying light levels and applications: Polarised Brown for low to bright light conditions, Amber for darker British days and Blue X Bloc that provides great contrasting in bright sunlight.

The frames are based on a curve, to offer total protection from unwanted side light ingress. Designed specifically for anglers the frames feature 12 vents to prevent lens fogging. The arms are fitted with rubberised grips to keep them fixed to your head. The frames are made from a super lightweight material too, for added comfort when wearing them for long periods. Finally, subtle branding completes the look. Combining functionality and style, this is why anglers have flocked to the Fortis brand for their eyewear needs for the past few years.


Lightweight frames wrap around the head, preventing light ingress.

Rubberised arms ensure the glasses stay planted to your face, preventing them from falling off when angling.

Triple X lenses offer superb clarity of vision along with saving weight.

Price: £74.99


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