A carp mat that doubles as a stalking sling, how good is that?

When I get the chance, I love to go stalking. However, carrying all the things that you need can sometimes be awkward and I find myself thinking that another pair of hands would be useful. The minimum that I carry is a rod, net, bait, a few odds and ends of terminal tackle and, of course, an unhooking mat.

My bait and bits and pieces of tackle get thrown inside my mat, which is carried in one hand, and my rod and net are carried in the other.
This means that whenever I want to stop and throw a bit of bait in a likely looking spot, I have to put everything down because I don’t have a free hand to do it with.

Everyone needs a good-quality unhooking mat and most modern ones are bigger and better padded for carp safety.

The downside to this is that they can often be very heavy to carry around, especially when you want to go stalking.

Fox, however, has given this consideration and come up with a solution – an unhooking mat that you can attach a rod and a landing net to via nifty Velcro straps, and a padded shoulder strap that makes carrying it a lot easier. This leaves your hands free, which is a major advantage, especially if you are creeping about in the undergrowth.


Dimensions: Open 116 x 69 x 8 centimetres. Closed 55 x 69 x 17 centimetres.

50mm thick high-density-foam base
Soft-touch rubberised material
Full-sized, fully zipped retaining flap
Four pegging points
Stiffened EVA carrying handles
Padded shoulder strap
Velcro loops for retaining a made-up rod and landing net
Zips in half for transportation and storage

Whether you go stalking or not the FX Combo mat ticks all the relevant boxes


Price: £69.99
Website: www.foxint.com