The Fox FX Flatliner might just be the most comfortable bedchair ever produced. ACF takes a look at its unique features before it hits the shops later this month.

With the first Fox FX Flatliner bedchair in the country passing through ACF HQ, we got a first-hand look at why this product will hit the ground running, so to speak, once it finds its way into tackle shops in October.
Fox is so confident in this product that the company states: “It’s the most comfortable bedchair ever produced.” This is because it has been designed with exactly that brief – to produce a bedchair with comfort that’s comparable to your bed at home.
The most obvious, and key, feature behind this comfort is that the FX Flatliner, as the name suggests, is flat. Being the only flat bedchair ever made, this also sets it apart from any competition. Along with the unique design, it boasts an impressive array of features.

The Flip-Cam System is another first, and a true piece of innovation. Once the bedchair is unfolded, the cams, or handwheels as they’re otherwise known, can be rotated through 180 degrees, leaving them pointing downwards. This keeps them out of the way, increasing the usable width of the bedchair and again adding to its comfort.

A new adjustable-leg system – Twist-Lok – allows the length of each leg to be quickly adjusted using just one hand, and a 50mm-thick, high-density-foam mattress adds to the comfort factor further still. What’s more, this mattress is supported around its entire circumference with just two lengths of elastic, as opposed to the more conventional four. The result is that there are no ‘unsupported’ sections and the mattress has a more even and firmer feel.

The double-hinged bracket at the foot end is another unique addition. Granted, it doesn’t sound, or look, particularly special, but this creates a void in the bedchair when folded away, leaving enough space for a sleeping bag to be stored inside it. The frame is constructed from an oval aluminum tube for incredible strength, while keeping weight to a minimum. All of this, along with finishing touches such as a screw thread in the centre of the cam to accept accessories such as hooks for headtorches, a bivvy table and so on (yet to be produced), reassure you that no stone has been left unturned in the development of the FX Flatliner.

Having been behind the development and manufacture of the first-ever bedchair, this is set to put the Fox brand back at the forefront of the market that it originated more than 25 years ago.

At A Glance
•     First-ever flat bedchair
•     Built to rival the comfort of your bed at home
•     Cams can rotate through 180 degrees
•     50mm-thick, high-density-foam mattress
•     Unique Twist-Lok leg adjustment
•     Even-flow elastic supports mattress around its entire circumference
•     Available mid to end of October

FX Flatliner Bedchair: £269.99