“Gardner has made a legendary hook range even better – carp beware. ”

We take a look at the new-look hook range from GARDNER, offering improved sharpness and elevated hooking ability.

Always seeking to improve their products, the team at Gardner looked back at their already brilliant range of hooks. Using the same strong wire that made the Gardner hook range strong in even the most demanding of situations, particular attention has been paid to the matt coating, which has been made as thin as possible.

The result is a hook that is sharper straight out of the packet. To further improve the sharpness the hook points have been re-profiled to be longer, with a longer taper to make a needle-like point that improves hook penetration. The barb has also been changed to a microbarb orientation. This makes the hook much more refined and will improve hook-holds. There are both barbed and barbless options available, with sizes ranging from size 2 for big carp in demanding situations all the way up to size 12 in some patterns for more refined presentations. Gardner has made a legendary hook range even better – carp beware.

The points have been re-profiled and the coating level reduced,  the result is a super-sharp hook.

THE VERDICT A legendary hook range that’s somehow been improved upon.


£4.50 for Longshank Mugga hooks.

£4.25 for the rest of the range