Price: £19.99
Karl says: I first spooled up with this main line a couple of months ago after my Gardner Pro main line needed replacing. The first thing I noticed was how nicely it spooled up after being soaked in a bucket overnight. It felt incredibly supple during the loading and it came as no surprise when the same suppleness was evident during use.

In its very first use the line hung from my tips as if it were made of lead, and I was instantly confident in using it. The Pro I used before was, and is, a great line but I feel this new ‘no stretch’ version from Gardner surpasses it.

The copolymer has a huge list of attributes that could easily confuse you, but I’ve found that it sinks through the surface incredibly well with a slack line, meaning you can sink your line without pulling it into any weed between the bank and your spot. This is despite me using the lowest breaking strain of 12lb. Its strength has proved more than adequate to date as I’m yet to ‘crack off ’ – a feat in itself – and I’ve pulled through some tough weed beds too. It is supple and excellent for casting, strong where knots are concerned and, although I have not fished over the sharpest mussel beds in the country, I have full confidence in its abrasion resistance.