This is one of the best PVA meshes on the market and it’s one that I repeatedly come back to using. Regardless of the time of year and the baits that I’m using, this performs faultlessly.

Given that it’s micromesh, the weave is small enough for use with tiny pellets, maggots and the like, and it’s one of the toughest PVAs that I have ever used when it comes to laddering, or more specifically its resistance to it. Despite its resilience it melts extremely well, leaving very little residue.

It’s available in two sizes, Skinny Dipper and Wide Boy, but if you’re a frequent PVA user then Gardner sells both sizes on their respective-size loading tubes and with a double-ended plunger in one neat packet under the name Double Barrel. This is cheaper than buying both separately.

Jon Bones

RRP: 5m on a loading tube £7.99; Double Barrel system £14.99; 5m refill £5.50; 20m refill £18.99