Karl says: “A cheap, practical and efficient solution to wrapping your rods.” – wrapping your rods to set lengths is the most efficient and accurate way of fishing to a spot.


Whether that’s a silty hole, a gravel seam or just an open-water spot that you want to bait and fish tight to, the ability to measure different rods to the same distance can be vital to catching.
By setting the sticks a rod length apart you can easily mark and clip your lines to achieve this.
Made from aluminium, the Wrappers sticks are light and a smooth side makes them easy to use.
By simply holding the rod tip high and reeling the line back onto your reel with tension from your hand, the line simply peels off the top of the sticks effortlessly.
There is also a thread in the top of each stick, enabling them to be used as an emergency extra bankstick, to attach your sack or retainer to, or even use with a camera adaptor to double as a tripod if required.
Price: £9.99