I discreetly mentioned the key Cray a few months ago in one of my previous blogs. This was when I covered the Nash 4G Squid but at the time I was unable to name the other bait I was catching on. I’m sure you’ve all been caught up in the hype surrounding the Key Cray (‘KC’) so you don’t have to just take my word for it when I tell you its the best carp food I’ve used to date. Believe me, I’ve put it through some vigorous testing on and off the bank and had some very impressive captures and witnessed some mega feeding displays from Mr Carp and Co. Unbelievably, the KC is still in its testing phase and continues to be tweaked ready for its launch next year. There will be a huge campaign from Nash about this bait over the next few months and my next feature will explain why this is set to be such a game changer. I’ll share some captures from me and the other Nash lads and also have a few words from Nash HQ explaining why there is so much excitement surrounding this bait. 


But it’s not just the KC that should have you all excited. Nash are bringing out some really top gear at the moment and 2017 it going to be massive.  If you fancy a sneak peek at some of these products click on the link at the bottom of the page.  

About this time last year I moved on to the Citruz Special Edition Boilies as I prepared for the colder months ahead. The Citruz is based on a highly digestible cereal and milk protein base mix with proven cold water pedigree. Each bag of Citruz contains washed out no spook pink boilies plus brighter, darker ones giving presentation edges.  I love the smell of the Citruz and have spent countless hours in the winter with my nose stuck in a bait bucket.  

To accompany the Boilies the new Nash range includes Citruz Cultured Hookbaits and a Cultured Fizzing Stick Mix. Combined these are exceptional and can nick that essential bite when conditions aren’t in your favour. The Cultured Hookbaits slowly releases fruit esters, aminos, nucleotides, vitamins and minerals from the dissolving Cultured Skin. The Fizzing Stick Mix is a PVA stick filling that can bring a feeding response when other baits fail. It gently fizzes during and after the PVA dissolves releasing food particles through the water column to draw Mr Carp in using sight, sound, smell and taste. “Get high-viz with Fizz”

For this feature, I’m on a lake that I have fished for five years and its certainly never seen the KC or the new Citruz products before.  My plan was fish both rods on the KC and also look for stalking opportunities to get close and personal using the Citruz so I could witness the reaction the fish have to the fizzing. This particular session I made a number identical rigs but with different hair lengths as my bait arsenal consists of 20mm, 15mm and Cultured Hookbaits. If the fish really get going on this lake it pays to change hookbait presentations regularly throughout the  session and therefore I like 


To be in a position to swap things around quickly. The lead system is also a little different. I actually clip the lead onto a Nash Chod Bead as this executes a running lead system brilliantly but also allows me to change to a chod system very quickly. Like I said earlier, I know this lake very well and when the going’s good it can be very good but you have to be prepared to change things around quickly and effectively.

The water in front of me was 4ft deep with deep silt pockets and a snaggy area that was easy to bait up with a catapult. After plenty of knuckle twanging moments, I presented a good mixture of bait sizes and then went for a lap of the lake before settling back  down to fish.


My first 48 hours flew by and resulted in several large fish even though there’d only been one out in the last 10 days.  The fish responded very well to the KC and I was more than happy to be on the receiving end. 


I had another 24 hours on the lake and kept my eyes peeled for that special opportunity  to use the Citruz. I genuinely felt I’d be cheating myself (and you guys) by simply casting it over the KC where fish were already feeding heavily as odds on I’d probably catch one. I wanted a situation where there wasn’t any other bait in the area to truly witness the pulling power of the Citruz.  

Early that evening I could hear some right whoppers boshing  out on the other side of the lake where I’d been sprinkling the Citruz Fizz during regular laps of the lake. I promised myself that even if a carp sneezed over there I would move. The only obstacle I faced was that it was now 10pm, pitch black and a fair old walk on its own merits without any tackle in tow. So the bed chair and a few essentials went in the boat and off I went in the dark, much to the amusement of the other lads on the lake. I let the boat drift in to the bank on the back of the wind as although I couldn’t see a great deal it was clear that were a few fish very close in. I could actually smell the carp as I was tying the boat to a tree they were that close to me. Both Sawnoffs went out on the Citruz Cultured Hookbaits with small PVA sticks of the Citruz Fizz. Both rods were flicked out to a nearby ledge and it wasn’t long before the carp had me sitting on my hands and prepared for action. The next time I managed to check the watch was at 12am and I’d banked two fish with this being the pick of the bunch.    

With both rods out and two fish banked in quick succession on the Citruz  I simply  didn’t feel the need to put the rods out again. I considered it job done for the night and retreated to the warmth of my sleeping bag wet and stinking of carp. Just how we all like it!


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