Cutting Through The Air…. ACF editor Tim Hodges takes a close look at the AirCurve rods from GREYS.

Greys has always been synonymous with quality products and the AirCurve range is certainly that. Over three years, a lot of development has gone into the rods.

The AirCurve is the first Greys rod to utilise the new Toreon nano composite material technology. Toreon composite engineering provides a uniform dispersion of nano particles throughout the resin that binds the carbon fibres together. The end result is a stronger, lighter material but it in no way affects the action that they want to achieve.

The AirCurve range was designed foremost as a performance fishing rod with an action developed to provide the perfect balance between fish playing and exceptional casting performance. This is a very difficult balance to achieve but it appears that Greys has managed to do this.

One really nice touch is that all four models are available with a choice of handles, either abbreviated or full-length shrink-wrap or full-length cork, my preferred choice, but I am old and I can remember when all rods had full-length handles.


12ft 3lb
This rod has a fantastic fish-playing action but still manages to retain plenty of low-end power. It is incredibly slim and very light but it can cast a lead more than 140 yards. The casting-weight range is from 1oz to 4oz.

12ft 3.25lb
Greys considers this rod to be its all-rounder. It has a touch more power in the butt section for when you are casting PVA bags and sticks, but still retains a nice sensitive tip action when you are playing carp, especially close in where hook-pulls are always a danger. Distances of 160 yards are well achievable with this model.

12ft 3.5lb
If you spend the majority of your time fishing big pits for big carp then this is the model for you. It will cast big feeders and PVA bags a very long way and a single hook bait even further; 180 yards is well within reach for good casters. The casting-weight range is 1oz to 5oz.

13ft 3.5lb
This is truly the rod for hitting the horizon. Unlike some of the other long-range rods on the market, which are just designed for casting and certainly not for playing fish, this one manages to combine both into a superb distance rod that is enjoyable to play fish on. In the right hands, distances in excess of 200 yards have been easily achieved. Its casting-weight range is 2oz to 5oz.

A well-designed range to cover most carp fishing situations.

Price: From £249.99 to £279.99