I have been using these for nearly six months and I’m mightily impressed. I now use them for most situations.

The 3.25lb model that I have is an all-round performer, being forgiving enough to suit smaller waters, but strong enough to fish with small/medium-sized solid PVA bags up to 100 yards. While I have chucked leads to around 120 yards, they’re not what I’d call an out-and-out casting tool, which allows for the aforementioned all-round performance that I like so much.

When a carp is hooked, the through-action blank makes the fight thoroughly enjoyable and manageable. While they’re a little too ‘pokey’ for really small carp, the extra power has come into play when trying to free weeded fish.

They’re adorned with top-end features, including a 50mm butt ring, ultra-slim blank, carbon finish and exclusive Greys reel seat, and the sleek look does appeal to me.

Spending nigh-on £230 per rod isn’t to be sneered at because they’re by no means cheap, but they are definitely good value for money. With a performance to suit a huge variety of waters and coming with a lifetime guarantee, I’d definitely recommend these.

Dan Wildbore

Greys Isoflex 50 rods
RRP: £229.99