ACF takes a look at the new, state-of-the-art alarms from JRC. They are packed with features and represent great value for money.

The DSI alarm, unlike many others, is actually European-made. All of the parts for both the alarm and the receiver, such as the LEDs, sensors, microprocessors and the housing are made on the Continent.

Such as the quality of this product, JRC is giving a two-year warranty with every purchase.

The alarm head features a smart-LED system that allows you to distinguish between a drop back and a full-blown take. The colour is down to the customer’s choice, with red, yellow, green or blue available.

On the alarm head, you can change the sensitivity, tone and volume. What’s more, they even feature a mute option that allows you to keep your bites under closed wraps.

The battery’s durability is superb, lasting over 1,200 hours of fishing time. The main ethos of the alarm is outstanding quality and great value for money and it certainly ticks both of these boxes.

The receiver heads are equal in their attributes, being packed with features. They are easy to pair up to the alarm head – something that can often be a pain, but no more.

They feature a range of up to one kilometre, include a full vibration system, adjustable volume control and a low-battery warning system.

What makes the receiver head even more user-friendly is that JRC label each alarm. This means you can easily distinguish which alarm has signalled straightaway.

For only £329.99, you get a full set of three alarms and a receiver, all supplied in a neat carry case.

At A Glance
Sensitivity, tone and volume control
Extended battery life
Supplied with a protective cover
Receiver reaches up to one kilometre
Features a four-channel receiver function and vibration option

Alarm head is £89.99 each
Receiver is £89.99
DSI set of three alarms and receiver is £329.99