An EXTREMEly good night’s sleep!


With a unique design and superb insulation, could the JRC EXTREME 3D TX sleeping bag offer you the best night’s sleep on the bank ever? ACF takes a look.
Aunique box design and three to five-season-rated insulation are accompanied by a removable pillow and fixation hood to keep you wrapped tightly, thereby preserving heat in the bag.
It’s the shape that makes it a real winner. We all know how hard it is to move around in a sleeping bag and this design really alleviates this. Having more space inside also allows you to trap more warm air, improving its warmth.
Finally, the whole lot will fit into the provided stuff sack easily. With the warm summer nights soon to be a memory, investing in some winter comforts will be beneficial. Crash zips adorn the bag, making a hasty exit easy in the event of a bite.
If you want to be kept warm in even the worst of conditions, then check out the Extreme 3D.
Price: £149.99