Shrinking The Bloxx!

With the launch of its bigger brother in 2015, the new JRC Stealth Bloxx Compact has been further improved and shrunk for the mobile angler.
Built around the same spreader block design as the original Bloxx, the new compact version offers speed, maximum space when compared with its small footprint, and a great, versatile shelter at a fantastic price point.
The aforementioned main spreader block has five rear ribs that separate in two and, once connected and fanned out, you can then place the two short front poles into the block. By simply pulling the material and hooking the sockets onto the end of these two short ribs, the shelter is set up, free standing, and capable of taking any standard bedchair.
It comes with a heavy-duty groundsheet and full set of pegs, as well as a strong carry case. There’s a solid or mesh door option, as well as two mesh windows at the side. Open the two large rear vents and the air will flow well, even more so if you remove the front panel.
Two supplied storm poles will make it incredibly stable but will only be needed in windy conditions. The shelter can be used as a stripped-out brolly style or full winter home on the bank, making it versatile, affordable and incredibly suitable for year-round use. There’s even an additional winter skin at an extra cost of £129.99 if you wish to purchase one.
THE VERDICT – A fast-erecting, space-maximising design with a compact footprint
Price: £259.99
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