Building Bloxx… Are you after a fast-erecting one-man bivvy with a great price tag? JRC has it covered with its new STEALTH BLOXX – it even has a peak.

The market is saturated with bivvies – one-man, two-man, ribs, poles and all manner of crazy options for varying reasons. There is no set design that suits every situation and it’s becoming increasingly popular for anglers to have more than one sheet of tarp, so to speak – and who can blame them? The sheer amount of styles available lend themselves to different situations and it’s down to the angler to decide what benefits their individual requirements.

The Stealth  Bloxx is a completely new design for JRC and the whole ethos of this bivvy is speed and ease of use. It has a central block design with five ribs, which, when folded out like an accordion, enable it to piece together in seconds. The two peak ribs are inserted, Velcro loops secured, and once pegged the bivvy is ready to rock.

The versatility is maximised by the zip-out front, creating the perfect brolly-cum-day-shelter. If you were to purchase the winter skin too, the peaked design ensures an extended floor space for those longer sessions. A heavy-duty groundsheet and clear or solid door options make this a very viable option.

At less than half the retail price of other bivvies of this style, this really comes into its own. It has two large vents in the rear for those muggy summer months and there’s not a cheap, poorly sized storage bag in sight. A two-way door system just adds to its versatility and the steep walls of the design maximise internal space – a very worthy contender!

A fast set-up time and a low price tag, the perfect combination!

Price: £259.99